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Learn electronics through hands-on projects

Test and understand concepts of electricity

Gain real-world hardware skills

An All-one-kit designed to master basic electronics

We accept Purchase Orders from Schools.

A rich collection of 60 hands-on projects

For each project, you get learning & making videos, step-by-step visual instructions & in-depth reasoning in our books.

IR Security Alarm System

This project has received 40,000 hits on Instructables.com and is now #1 on Google Search. Install this in your room or house to avoid unsolicited visitors.

Burglar Alarm 

Place this circuit under the doormat and have fun with friends visiting your house.

Automatic Night Lamp

Make a street light that automatically turns ON in the dark and remains OFF during the day light.

DC Motor as Generator

See how motion produces electricity and turns ON an LED, based on a simple physics principle called EMI (Electromagnetic Induction).

Temperature Sensor

Make a real fire-alarm system, expose it to heat and see how the LED turns ON when temperature rises.

LED Flasher/Blinker

In this project, we use the Esaki Effect, popularly known as quantum tunnelling, and named after its inventor, Leo Esaki (Nobel Prize Winner in Physics).

Learn Electronics with us

This video series is for you to learn and tinker with electronics. These videos are live recordings of online classes conducted by our team during the Pandemic. Keep visiting our website as we are editing the videos and posting them as they are done!
  • Episode 1: Battery and Measuring Voltage
  • Episode 2: Resistor Part 1
  • Episode 3: Resistor Part 2
  • Episode 4: Introduction to Current and Its Types
  • Episode 5: LED and its Continuity Test
  • Episode 6: Breadboard
  • Episode 7: Glow an LED and Kirchhoff's Voltage Law
  • Episode 8: Measuring Current


"I found your booth at ISTE in Chicago and knew your kit would be a perfect fit for my classroom. I was only able to purchase one. It has been a class favorite in grades 6-10. I teach STEM for different grade levels. My STEM lab is a makerspace."
Alicia Roberts
A STEM Educator
"I was trying to stock up a maker space type area. Without vast knowledge of electronics your kit helped me from needing to spend hours online or at Fry's Electronics. Just a nice easy way to stock up quickly. Your box is particularly well designed."
Timothy Riedel
Keio Academy of New York
"I bought it to donate it to a STEM teacher down the hall from me. He incorporated it into his Design Challenge. I’ll be using this product with my students in a STEM Middle School. I love the fact that everything is packed within the box, but even better I love the curriculum."
Elma L Strong
"I was looking for something that I can use with my kids to teach them about electricity. This kit is geared towards high schoolers and up, but I already had success with much younger kids-7yo and 9yo who have already played with other electronic sets and understand the basic ideas behind circuits."

Teodora Beloreshka
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