Bonding over building

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Magic of LED Kit

For Middle & High Schoolers


An Hour of Electronics
This mini kit includes 5 interesting projects including glowing an LED, beeping a buzzer, creating a flash light using a capacitor, automatic night lamp and touch-activated switch (passing current through body).
Curriculum of 25 Hands-on Hours 
An all-in-one personal electronics lab that Includes 57 projects + 136 (or 165) components + 2 guide books + 60 videos + step-by-step project guides + workstation + 3-month free access to Mand Labs Academy.
Why consider Magic of LED?
Give your kids an exciting time to play & learn, making lights & sounds. 
Kids learn STEM concepts early with fun & interest. 
Kids spend their time creatively, OFF their iPad screens. 
Bonding over building- an hour of electronics.
Why consider KIT-1?
Ignite your kids' passion for electronics & robotics.
You'd love your kids to develop real-world tech skills.
Your kid should rather become a maker of technology than being its mere consumer.
Set up your personal electronics lab at home.
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