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All The Best STEM Presents For All The Best Kids In Your Life

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"And finally, for the die-hard scientist or engineer, whether 8, 18, or 88, the Mand Labs KIT-1 is going to make their day."

Gift Guide: 20+ STEM toy gift ideas for aspiring young builders

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"Inspire your little one with actual, real-world electronics with this Mand Labs STEM stocking stuffer."

Gift Guide: STEM Toys for your builders-in training 

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"Budding engineers won’t be short of experiments if gifted this electronics breadboarding project kit from Mand Labs."

11 Gift Ideas for Kids Who Want to Code

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"This inexpensive new kit from Mand Labs, targeted especially toward younger engineers-to-be".

2019 STEM, STEAM, Art & Craft Gift Guide

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"Mand Labs KIT-1 is a fun STEM kit for children who are 8 and over".

Best Summer Learning Resources Guide

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"...journey of 60 hands-on projects from fundamentals of electricity to advanced concepts of transistors in electronics and robotics".

DIY STEM Kits for Kids To Understand And Love Technology

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"This is a truly magical children’s electric circuit kit that fascinates with a self-guided technology and library of videos and DIY books."

A selection of gifts to soothe your troubled soul!

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"This fancy little package gives you all the tools and lessons you need to get started in the world of electronics."

Learn Electronics at Home with Mand Labs

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"Seriously… the kids are having a blast building things like a burglar alarm, night light, DC motor, and an LED flasher."

This Portable DIY Electronics Lab May Just Get Your Kid Into MIT

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"the KIT-1 is like the 160 in One on steroids. It’s both impressive and intimidating ⏤ like an entire Radio Shack store in a box. It’s targeted to kids with zero electronics experience but, at least in appearance, feels far more advanced than that"

DIY STEM Learning Kit from Mand Labs

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"We were very impressed by the size of the kit and how much was packed inside."

Cool Mand Labs Learning Kit

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"And it's a big one".

Mand Labs New Electronics Kit for Older Kids

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"These books are really good. I don’t want to brag, but I now know what a circuit is and the difference between an open circuit and a closed circuit. Okay, that might not seem like much to some people, but to me it’s huge!"
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