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Teach Electricity & Electronics hands-on with ease & confidence

Demonstrate all essential laws of physics

Kirchhoff's Voltage and Current Laws, Ohm's Law, Lenz's Law, Principle of Electromagnetic Induction
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From logic gates to robotics, you can do it all!

Our project-based learning curriculum is rich and you can choose from a wide variety of 60 projects.
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Conduct quizzes virtually or physically

We provide you with a question bank from simple to advanced levels that helps you with assessments.
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Plan STEM activities using Classroom Workbook

Classroom workbook outlines all project activities, modifications and readings that students need to take. 
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Host Classroom contests

"Who builds the logic gates first", "The fastest circuit maker" will make your classroom fun & competitive.

Set up a complete electronics lab

Upgrade your existing maker space or robotics lab with with 165 industrial grade quality components and tools.

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For Elementary & Middle Schoolers

Magic of LED Kit

For Middle & High Schoolers


An Hour of Electronics for Classrooms
This mini kit includes 5 interesting projects including glowing an LED, beeping a buzzer, creating a flash light using a capacitor, automatic night lamp and touch-activated switch (passing current through body).
Ideal usage: 1 student per kit
A Curriculum of 25 Hands-on Hours 
An all-in-one personal electronics lab that Includes 60 projects + 165 components + 2 guide books + 60 videos + step-by-step project guides + workstation + 2 month free- access to Mand Labs Academy.
Ideal usage: 1 student per kit, Maximum is 2
Why consider Magic of LED?
Do an hour of DIY real-world electronics in your classroom.
Simple photographic instructions that you can play in your classrooms.
Something magical happens when kids glow their first LEDs! Their minds lit up.
Its simple, fun and easy to implement!
Why consider KIT-1?
Build up prototyping skills of your students for electronics & robotics.
A well-rounded curriculum that is mapped up with test-prep including AP/SAT Physics
Supports DIY learning of students' with minimum effort required from your side.
Option to combine with our E-Learning Platform, Academy for enhanced results

Do you offer educator discounts?

Yes, we offer 5-20% educator discount based on the ongoing promotional offer. Please contact us directly through email at support@mandlabs.com or just leave us a message.

Is any prior experience in electronics required?

Not at all! As beginners, students start with simple hands-on projects, pickup all the basic concepts of electricity including voltage, current, resistance, Ohm's law, Kirchhoff Laws and master the skills of using a digital multimeter.

As students advance, they start learning about new components, make more complex projects and progress both in terms of knowledge and skill levels. At the end, students will be working with sensors and transistors to build interesting projects such as IR security alarm, H-Bridge (motor driver circuit used in Robotics) and many more.

What topics or curriculum do you cover?

Briefly, we cover the following topics in detail: Charge, Battery, Voltage, Current, Resistance, LED, Multimeter, Resistors, Ohm's law, Series and Parallel Combination, Variable Resistors: Potentiometer, Preset and LDR, Switches, Capacitors, Relay, Semiconductors, Diode and Its Types, Digital Logic Gates: NOT, OR, AND, NOT, NAND, Zener Diode, DC Motor, Transistors, Inductors, IR (Infrared) LED, Photodiode, Temperature Sensor (Thermistor).

Do you also cover theory or working behind the projects?

Our project-based learning curriculum is strongly geared towards conceptual learning of physics, electrical engineering and developing critical thinking skills. In the process, not only are students able to make projects, but also understand the science behind them using in-depth theoretical and circuit analysis, outlined clearly both in our videos and guide books.

Do you accept POs?

Yes, we accept POs from schools directly. If you want us to get registered with your school district, simply drop us an email at support@mandlabs.com or just leave us a message.

Do you offer digital or paperback curriculum?

We offer both. Once you place an order with us, we will send you digital access to the online videos and step-by-step project guides. KIT-1 also comes with two high quality printed books (volume 1 and volume 2) and a flash drive with pre-loaded project-building instructions and learning videos.

Do you offer a remote-learning solution?

Yes, we do! If you opt-in for our E-learning platform (Mand Labs Academy), you and your students will get access to our master electronics course, online quizzes, and project packs. On Academy, you can create and manage your own private group representing your school/club; the platform comes with great features for an interactive digital classroom and remote learning.

Where can I read customer reviews?

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Impacting schools globally


  • "I found your booth at ISTE in Chicago and knew your kit would be a perfect fit for my classroom. I was only able to purchase one. It has been a class favorite in grades 6-10. I teach STEM for different grade levels. My STEM lab is a makerspace."
    Alicia Roberts
    Director of Curriculum, Dream City Christian School
  • "The Mand Labs kits are an outstanding product. They introduce students to basic electronic and electrical principles. Mand Labs remediates the shortfall of many science programs--lack of application.

    As a robotics educator for more than ten years, both in the USA and internationally, I found the kits engaging, fun and solidly grounded in science. The instruction books are clearly written, demonstrating science principles in a way that students find rewarding and teacher find solidly educational."
    Barton Millar
    Robotics Instructor, Singapore American School
  • "I was looking for a way to include an electrical engineering project into one my STEM classes. Your kit gave me what I needed to get the kids designing. They were able to create a game, a joy stick and hack a box so when the lid was taken off an alarm would sound."
    Kelly Muhlenkamp
    STEM Educator, St. Henry Schools
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