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Limited Seats (5 per batch)
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Be a Pro STEM Teacher. No Prior Experience Required.

8.6% sales tax is included in the price.* The below mentioned time is in CST. We will work according to your time zone to deliver the classes.
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Training Hours
Live Classes
Hands-on Projects
Learning levels

How It works?


Program fees is USD $799 + taxes (KIT-1 included)
Program fees is USD $650 + taxes (KIT-1 excluded). This fees is applicable if you already own KIT-1.
Limited Seats. Admission strictly on a first-come, first-served basis.
Admissions will not be entertained after fulfilment of seats and the final deadline.
Last date of registration is July 30, 2020.
Admission to the batch is confirmed after
the submission of ‘registration form’ and camp fees.


Each participant will get the Mand Labs KIT-1. The kit will be shipped to you before the program starts.
21 hours of dedicated online training on electronics, along with 3 quizzes.
Educators learn about different electronic components & build an array of hands-on projects.
Hands-on projects are backed by theoretical explanations in depth.

Which camp is meant for you?

DIY Premier Junior Electronics Camp
Recommended for Middle Schoolers, Grade 6-8
The camp will benefit middle-school children in developing a strong interest and love for science and engineering. They get the early exposure to build technology with their bare hands, see science in action and develop technical skills in the process. Kids start appreciating the technology that they use in their daily lives and make an effort to decode it than just being its mere consumer.

Not only do they learn to treat each electronic component as a building block, they develop the confidence to learn, tinker and hack the technology with their own creative ideas. It is truly a life-changing experience for many kids. Moreover, it is great fun and gives kids an exciting opportunity to develop new hobby, off their iPads.
DIY Premier Senior Electronics Camp
Recommended for High Schoolers, Grade 9-12
The camp will benefit high-school students in developing a strong research-based aptitude with an approach towards physics, engineering and technology. Specifically, for students interested in pursuing STEM careers, robotics, deep-tech, electrical/mechanical engineering, computing, programming and hardware tech, the camp will add a whole new dimension to their thought process.

The curriculum in the program is mapped to international physics standards and would help students in building a strong concept clarity in topics, including, current and electricity, and semiconductors. This would further strengthen their foundation to tackle problems in standardized tests, including AP Physics, IGCSE physics and SAT physics.


  • World of Electrons Workshop, NSTA STEM Forum and Expo, PA, 2018
The camp will benefit STEM educators and professionals who are deeply interested in upgrading their tech skills and advancing their knowledge in the domain of electronics and electrical engineering. The camp focusses on helping educators teach and demonstrate laws of physics governing electricity and magnetism through an exciting array of DIY projects. Moreover, for makers and professionals, the camp provides an exciting opportunity to build a strong foundation in designing and analysing circuits. 

The live workshops are a rich-mix of circuit building and modifications, post-project discussions, learning about electronic components, their history and sharing interesting technology facts, classroom tips, and fun. It is a perfect fit for teachers who run maker spaces and educational robotics programs in their schools. At the end of the camp, we will also share classroom presentations and resources developed by Mand Labs engineers for your usage and distribution.

What's More! You are trained by Pro-makers

Learn from Pro Makers and Engineer with decades of experience in product engineering & design
Professional Video Streaming (FHD/4k) and Audio Quality
Well-rounded curriculum to quickly get you started in the world of electronics and prototyping
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