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 Mand Labs is the place where we value intellectual and creative freedom to do things. We lead and make things happen no matter what. We back each other up. And there is no room for excuses and laziness. Whatever needs to be done, it will be done.
Gurpawan Mand
A DIYer in everyday things of life and a passionate engineer at the core who believes in the power of learning STEM by doing it. As a growing kid, I was fascinated with Junkyard Wars, a TV show aired on Discovery Channel. I fell in love with physics during my senior high school years. Always wondered why physics and engineering weren’t taught the Junkyard wars way! 

I am curious about how technology works (the hard things about the hardware) and it became my passion to decode it, and share it. My quest for learning has led me to start two Ed-tech companies in a span of 14 years.
Urmila Marak
Head of Content and PR
Print journalist transitioned into a content marketer. The love for writing and the impetus to get involved with STEM education lured me to Mand Labs. As a child, I disliked physics, but after over 17 years of working with several media houses and a few technology startups, I believe we can transform the lives and careers of our children through STEM. I crave books and road trips.

Pratap Sharma
Head of Manufacturing 
Love for manufacturing and solving difficult problems on shop floors and production led me into the first company that Gurpawan started a decade ago. I am obsessed with quality and make sure that all our product lines we ever produce at Mand Labs win the hearts of our customers. I have just one word that customers should say the moment they open our packaging and products- Wow! I love watching Cricket and movies, playing Dream 11 on my phone, and turning wood into art pieces.
Ashok Rao
Goose Capital Board Member & First Indian-American to take a company public on Nasdaq. He is a serial entrepreneur with five successful high technology start-ups of his own. Mr. Rao is now an Angel Investor in several start-ups, mentoring the founders & serving on their boards. Mr. Rao was the President ofEnron North-America in 1996/1997, under his leadership he grew revenues from $300 mm in 96, to $2 bb in 1997. Mr. Rao was selected/voted one of the top 100 South Asians in America.
Vasu Guruswamy
Mr. Vasu Guruswamy is a Co-Founder and serves as Partner at Lavni Ventures. He serves as Venture Partner, CSL Ventures at CSL Capital Management. He serves as Advisor at FlytBase Labs. He has more than 33 years of technical and global business operations experience. He actively mentors several technology startups around the world. He has experience in PE/VC investments in his role as ex-MD and current Venture Partner at CSL capital management.

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