Yes, we are ready to take off so that children around the world can give wings to their imagination!
Yes, this is not just about a rocket. It's more than that! Remember what Pablo Picasso said "Every child is born an artist. The challenge is how to remain as a child as we grow up."

It does not matter what a child makes- a rocket, a robot, a car or a castle. What matters is that he/she has all the intellect freedom in the world to pursue his/her own originality, his/her own self, have the confidence and belief to carve out and create what's inside against all odds. Ingenuity is what makes us more human. 

So all we want to do as a company is to inspire young children and tinkerers to have the courage to create what's inside, give them tools to express themselves, make mistakes, learn at their own terms and at last, be original.

- Gurpawan Mand (Founder, Mand Labs)

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