Wonders of Electrons Workshop

2 Hours of fun electronics + Magic of LED Kit included
Deadline for registration is July 23.

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Sales tax and shipping are included in the prices below.* The mentioned time is in CST. We will work according to your time zone to deliver the class.
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You only pay for the training charges.
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Please note that no prior experience is required for the workshop. 

  • Wonders of Electrons Workshop at National Science Teachers Association STEM Forum & Expo, PA, 2018
  • The Magic of LED kit is designed to exclusively introduce young children to real-world electronics through a series of 5 interesting projects based on LEDs, buzzer, transistors and capacitors. 
  • A few interesting projects that you will work upon:
    Glowing an LED, Beeping a buzzer, Creating a flash light using a capacitor,
    Touch-activated switch using a transistor, Automatic night lamp.

How It Works


Program fees is inclusive of the training charges, taxes and shipping.
If you already have the kit, you will have to pay only for the training charges: US $80.
Limited Seats. Admission strictly on a first-come, first-served basis. 
Admissions will not be entertained after fulfilment of seats and the final deadline.
Last date of registration is July 18, 2020.


Each participant will get the Magic of LED kit, which will be shipped before the program starts.
2 hours of dedicated online training. You will require a PC/Mac and a good internet connection.
In the workshop, you will work on a series of interesting projects and learn about electricity and electronics. 
Hands-on projects are backed by theoretical explanations in depth.
Awesome Fun! That's our guarantee.


How will this workshop be beneficial for middle and high school students?

The workshop will introduce middle and high school children to the world of hardware tech and electronics. In this introductory workshop, students will work on a variety of circuits and develop a holistic understanding of how different electronic components work. The workshop will help create a genuine interest in science and engineering and exposure children to the wonders of technology.

This unique experience will give them the confidence and basic skills to tinker with their creative ideas, which would further open up a whole new world of imagination and intuition for children, motivating them to think independently.

How will this workshop be beneficial for STEM educators?

This is a perfect workshop if you are willing to introduce electronics to young children. You can implement an hour of electronics in your classrooms. Whether you are teaching out of a classroom or online, the goal of this workshop is to help you in creating an engaging hands-on classroom. 

You will be able to demonstrate laws of physics governing electricity and magnetism through an array of interesting hands-on projects like the automatic night lamp, touch-activated switch and many more. The workshop is a blend of circuit building and modifications, post-project discussions, classroom tips among others. At the end of the workshop, we will also share classroom presentations and resources.

What projects will be covered during the 2-hour workshop?

Glowing an LED, Beeping a Buzzer, Flash light using a Capacitor, Touch-Activated Switching Using a Transistor and Automatic Night Lamp.

Is any prior experience in electronics required?

No at all! No skills and knowledge are required beforehand. 

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