3 cool projects you can build with Mand Labs KIT-1 (Premium Edition)

May 9, 2020


Get hands-on and get learning

So, what are you building? How are you using your time during this global pandemic when we are all forced to stay indoors? Whether building cool projects with Mand Labs KIT-1 or getting creative with your own innovation, at Mand Labs it is our consistent effort to help the creative soul in you be a true do-it-yourself (DIY) maker.

For those of you who have completed working on the 5 projects of the standard edition here are some projects you can try out with KIT-1 Premium Edition. The projects here are more advanced and these DIY experiments will help you to keep your home secure; make use of your old batteries and help you create a circuit to make your own temperature sensor. As in the previous blog, we have simplified the building process for you through our step-by-steps. So, are you ready to learn and flaunt your creativity skills among your peers?


# IR Security Alarm


Have you ever wondered how an alarm goes off when there’s an intruder in a shop or a bank? Well, our IR security alarm project, which is based on IR sensor, will help you to understand how a simple circuit can detect any movement and trigger an alarm; thus helping us in securing our homes, banks and workplaces.

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# Joule Thief

How many of you discard your old batteries thinking it is of no use? With our joule thief project you will think twice before throwing them away. Yes, the joule thief circuit will help you bring back your ‘dead’ batteries to life by boosting its energy to light up an LED. Did you know that when a battery is considered ‘dead’ it’s just that its voltage is not high enough to be used in the device directly?

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# Temperature Sensor


When you see a 3D printer do you ever think about how the temperature is maintained in the printer? For those of you who are still wondering, thermistors are used in the hot ends of 3D printers. They monitor the heat produced and allow the printer’s control circuits to keep a constant temperature for melting the plastic filament. This project will help you to create a circuit that will let you to gauge as and when the temperature crosses the threshold limit.

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Now that you know how to build your IR security alarm or your temperature sensor, why don’t you share your innovations with us? It’s simple, you can email us your projects at support@mandlabs.com. The best projects will not only be published here on our blogs but will also receive a surprise from us.

About Author
Urmila, who is a Big Data and STEM enthusiast, works as the head of communications with Mand Labs. She is a believer in transformation of life and career through STEM. She can be reached on Twitter @umarak

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