Build to bond with the Magic of LED kit this Christmas

December 15, 2021

It is that time of the year again when you are frantically looking for STEM gifts for your little engineers and scientists in the making: Gifts that will help them learn and play and hone their skills for a lifetime.

The market might be rife with toys and kits for children of all age groups, luring parents with educational value. But how do you choose that perfect toy with the market inundated with innumerable options? It is also pertinent to see that the toy will not gather dust long after the holiday season is over.

At Mand Labs, we are ridiculously committed to making learning fun, hands-on, and interactive. We endeavor to inspire more children into STEM and DIY electronics. So, if you are looking for a kit that can get your child started into electronics or basic circuitry, our Magic of LED kit is the perfect choice for anyone who is six years and above.

Get to know more about the Magic of LED kit before you make an informed choice:


#1 Get started into basic circuitry

Do you want to pique your little one’s interest by showing how an LED glows or how a buzzer makes a sound? You can do that and more with the do-it-yourself (DIY) projects from the kit.

The Magic of LED kit can help children understand the concepts of real-world electronics and learn the fundamentals in a fun, interactive way. The five DIY projects based on LEDs, buzzers, transistors, and capacitors will open up a whole new world of imagination and intuition for them. All they need to do is follow the step-by-step guide given along with the kit.


#2 Do an hour of electronics

Let this holiday season be a time to bond, build and learn. Using the kit, you and your little genius can do an hour of electronics. Check out what you can make together.

  • Glow an LED
  • Beep a Buzzer
  • Create a Flash Using a Capacitor
  • Touch-Activated Switch
  • Automatic Night Lamp

It might take an hour or more to complete the projects in the kit, but the session will be worth it, we promise! We will be there to guide you throughout with our step-by-step manual. In case of any doubt, you can always email our engineers, who will be there to help you further.


#3 A perfect gift under $50

The best part about this kit? It makes for a perfect pocket-friendly gift that will keep on giving. Yes, get the Magic of LED kit for just $19.99. It is a limited-time offer, ending on December 24th, 11.59 PST.

So, if you have a gifting list for your little genius this holiday season, you can still accommodate the Magic of LED kit and watch your science-loving children brush up their circuitry skills.

We have limited stock, so get your kit before it’s gone!


About Author
Urmila, who is a Big Data and STEM enthusiast, works as the head of communications with Mand Labs. She is a believer in transformation of life and career through STEM. She can be reached on Twitter @umarak

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