Long-term benefits of how Mand Labs KIT-1 can help in learning electronics

May 5, 2020



Get ready to experiment, observe, learn and repeat


All of us are born makers. Whether we are writing poetry or fiction or making our own gadgets, we need creativity and imagination.

As Albert Einstein put it:

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.


But sometimes in order to give wings to our imagination and soar high, we need a little guidance. At Mand Labs we believe, it’s just a matter of finding the right way to start. After all, the world is but a canvas to the imagination.

We live in a world where we are constantly surrounded by electronic gadgets and gizmos. Our lives are so infused with electronics that we will benefit more if we learn at least the basics of electronics. We don’t need to be an electrical engineer or have prior knowledge to understand how to read schematics, build circuits, solder or program. We just need to have a childlike curiosity and a great imaginative mind to look at things in a creative perspective.

Through   Mand Labs KIT-1,  we intend to make your journey of learning and building electronics simple, fun and easy to relate to. The R&D team at Mand Labs had spent an extensive time of over 40 months in researching, detailing and building user-friendly instructions that will guide you step by step whenever you get stuck. The comprehensive and simplified guide will let you have fun while you work your way through an extensive array of 50+ projects.

Moreover, our books, visual steps, video lectures and tech support will help you understand the concepts and build a strong theoretical base. So, whether you are an enthusiast or a beginner, if you are 14 years and above and ready to delve deep, KIT-1 is ready to help you explore new avenues. You just need to be ready to experiment, observe, learn and repeat


AP Physics in your mind?


Yes, we got you covered. KIT-1 caters to your academic needs, as its course topics cover 20 percent of IGCSE Cambridge Curriculum and 30 percent of AP Physics C, including electricity and magnetism. So those of you planning to take up engineering or a major in physics, will get to learn the basic concepts hands-on covering basic electrical theory, current and electricity, electrostatics, capacitors and semiconductors. What’s more? You will also self-learn and retain more, as you work on application-oriented projects.

KIT-1 courseware covers the following topics in detail:

Charge, Battery, Voltage, Current, Resistance, LED, Multimeter, Resistors, Ohm’s law, Series and Parallel Combination, Variable Resistors: Potentiometer, Preset and LDR, Switches, Capacitors, Relay, Semiconductors, Diode and Its Types, Digital Logic Gates: NOT, OR, AND, NOT, NAND, Zener Diode, DC Motor, Transistors, IR Sensor, Thermistor, Inductors.

Included with KIT-1, are two reference books that will help you in in-depth analysis of working circuits, including reasoning, path of currents and the maths behind. The theories in the books will help you build your confidence and prepare you for challenging problems. Also, playing and working with raw electrical and electronic components will make you feel more connected to how technology works. Who knows, you might outperform your peers in academics!


Want to develop an exciting hobby?


All the great inventors and makers of the world were great tinkerers once, who loved to spend time experimenting and using their ideas to innovate things in the confines of their home. Let’s take the example of Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of Amazon, who loved to tinker and fiddle with electrical devices from a very young age and turned his parents’ garage into his own lab. You can never stop a tinkerer or a maker from fiddling with gadgets or hacking his/her way to something creative.

If you are a DIY maker and want to delve deep into things and love to innovate, you can start building things on your own with KIT-1. It is is designed in such a way that it can double up as your personal lab, where you can unleash your creativity, give shape to your thoughts and ideas, explore new concepts and implement them. After all, it’s your time, your space, your muse and your storyboard.

Whether you want to build your own automatic night lamp for your bedroom or decorate your house with the LED lights for Christmas, our rich content will help you get there.


Need to sharpen your prototyping skills?


A mathematician, like a painter or a poet, is a maker of patterns. If his patterns are more permanent than theirs, it is because they are made with ideas — Mathematician G. H. Hardy


Sometimes you might be having a great idea, but it might not work out as great as you thought. So, building your own prototypes and testing them will help you to better your ideas and improve your project significantly. If you have an idea and a great imagination, nothing can stop you from being a maker. But there’s no fun in learning if you don’t burn a few components or mess things up. All makers and inventors were passionately curious to explore their creativity and come up with their geniuses.

For instance, Graham Bell’s first prototype of his telephone was a thin sheet of metal, known as diaphragm, held in front of an electromagnet. When he spoke, his voice struck the diaphragm and electricity was generated in the coils of the electromagnet. The electric currents were then transmitted to a receiver in another room. It was only after various trials and improvisation that Bell got his final product.

So, if you were ever interested in designing and prototyping circuits, KIT-1 will let you take a step forward and help you work with real-world electronic components and tools, develop an understanding of how each part works, learn the technique to treat parts as building blocks and use different blocks to build an array of projects. You will also learn to deduce the laws of physics that govern the quantities and then draw your own conclusions. So, that’s how you will develop an important skill which will help in bringing your ideas to life. Moreover, you will do-it-yourself.


Want to develop critical reasoning skills?


We all know that critical thinking is essential to be able to solve any problem in life whether big or small, besides helping you to take decisions. When you start building or tinkering with your ideas, you will start questioning your own assumptions rather than taking them at face value. You will identify, analyze and try to solve problems systematically rather than by intuition.

KIT-1 will help you in developing a structured thought process to solve problems by taking you through rigorous building process and analytics. You will soon be developing a habit of delving deep into the matter and looking for answers as to how things are made and what processes go into making them.

Using the kit will make you look at problems from a different perspective. However, don’t expect that your first solution will work instantly all the time. Sometimes, it might fail spectacularly. At that moment, just step back and explore other ways to get to the solution. Eventually, you will discover new and interesting facts and might explore something dazzling!


Need a ‘can do’ attitude?


Image licensed from Shutterstock Images.

How true was Joe Namath, an American footballer and actor, when he said:

“When you have confidence, you can have a lot of fun. And when you have fun, you can do amazing things.”


When your confidence level is built, you become a different person, totally. You will not only be self-reliant, but you will also be able to break stereotypes as you will be able to use your mind and hands resourcefully. The concept of “Mind and Hand” is traced to the idea of science and education that shaped MIT and defined its mission.

Attitude is infectious. It cannot be taught, but it can definitely be caught. Using KIT-1 will empower you to think independently and creatively like a maker, and hence enable you to figure things out on your own. Your “can do” attitude will do wonders as you gain confidence and get more resourceful as a professional. You will be the go-to-person for solving abstract problems with difficult solutions. You will learn the art of frugality and incorporate your habit of DIY in your work ethics. Above all, you will be a better, responsible, dependable and efficient person.

For instance, Benjamin Franklin made a name for himself at an early age of 11. He created paddles for his hands to enable him to swim faster. Today, swimmers take advantage of his creation, called flippers. Likewise, you will build the confidence to make things on your own, nurture your innate entrepreneurial talent and build a successful career.




KIT-1 is a power-packed box as you can build projects, gain skills, understand technology and have fun. It not only caters to your academics, enhances your creativity, teaches you to solve your own problems, helps you with prototyping skills but also boosts your confidence level.

But remember, learning never stops. So, if you think you are through with all your projects in KIT-1, you can expect more. Yes, KIT-1 is modular, reusable and upgradeable to advanced modules that cover integrated circuits, sensors and programming. When you upgrade, you will develop a holistic and comprehensive knowledge of the subject.

Our entire curriculum is divided into multiple learning levels, meaning more components, more projects and greater fun. KIT-1 is designed in such a way that you don’t need to be a genius or a scientist or an expert in electronics to use it. So, go ahead and experience the magic of technology and let your imagination run wild, who knows your insights might lead to a great invention!

Through the years, we’ve had users who have come up with super-creative projects like homemade Christmas lights that generate a series of random patterns, multi-touch surface, electronic casino games, automatic safe alarm among others.

And now it’s your turn to dazzle the world with your creative ideas.
So, what are you waiting for?

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Urmila, who is a Big Data and STEM enthusiast, works as the head of communications with Mand Labs. She is a believer in transformation of life and career through STEM. She can be reached on Twitter @umarak

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