About Us

Make STEM learning practical

We aim to change the way students learn & perceive science.

We want to break the paradigm that technology is complex to learn.


Technology is technical.
We as consumers often do not understand how technology works. The products we use are completely sealed. We do not have access to their inner logic and components. So, we are unable to explore how they work and what they are made up of. In other words, the products are Black Boxed.
To appreciate, what goes inside the black box, we have to go to the very core: components, what materials they are made up of and physics laws that govern them. 

We read about some of these components in books during our academic lifecycle. However, we prefer to stay in our cocoons, do no challenge ourselves enough, and as a result, we limit our horizons.

How can we understand?

Nothing is a rocket science!

Let's Break It!

Tech is Fun.
Our purpose is to break the conventional paradigm and make technology fun to learn, simple to understand and eventually, easy to relate to. 

This will open up a whole new world of imagination and intuition for learners around the world. 
While working on the projects, you will develop your creative corner, learn about idea generation, make a lot of mistakes, gain hands-on skills and experience the art of prototyping. You will not only learn a lot and retain the concepts for a longer time, but will also have fun doing so.

And Do-it-Yourself

You learn by doing it.

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